This table summarizes the number of publications that have been uploaded to this website, sorted by year and the research program(s) that funded the research. Only published research (e.g., not submitted or in preparation papers) are included in these totals. To view the publications for a given year and research program, click on the appropriate entry in the table.
<=20132014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 All Years
Terrestrial Hydrology Program (THP) 19313
Applied Sciences Program (ASP) 59 10691556158133
New Investigator Program (NIP) 20 11126132
Physical Oceanography Program (POP) 12998534
Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program (OBB) 20 23321132
Interdisciplinary Science Program (IDS) 97 743125671142
Modeling Analysis and Prediction Program (MAP) 338 3022173218141681496
Land Cover & Land Use Change Program (LCLUC) 3 12129
Atmospheric Composition 56 461734425573358330
Atmospheric Composition Modeling and Analysis Program (ACMAP) 491 46444562545456242878
Radiation Science Program (RSP) 904 95771108710160453581522
Tropospheric Composition Program (TCP) 239 203447324977534719617
Upper Atmosphere Research Program (UARP) 295 2624253417131965464
Energy & Water Cycle Program (EWCP) 21 71791372260
Earth Surface & Interior Program (ESI) 22 42021215289835914385
Cryospheric Science Program (CSP) 3 1236621
Climate Variability and Change Program 35 8245176169
Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Program (CCEP) 23 111621172137369191
Atmospheric Dynamics and Precipitation Program (ADP) 103 624778632148
All programs2026 208 223 264 264 306 349 313 198 54 4205

Notes: Any paper funded by multiple programs is included in the number of papers for each of those programs, but is only included in the overall total once. Therefore, the sum of the numbers in the individual rows is generally larger than the overall total.

Research programs with low total numbers of uploaded publications are ones that have not been using this database to collect their publication statistics, and therefore only a small fraction of those programs' funded research is included here.