High‐Accuracy Near‐Infrared Carbon Dioxide Intensity Measurements to...

Long, D. A., Z. D. Reed, A. J. Fleisher, J. Mendonca, S. Roche, and J. T. Hodges (2020), High‐Accuracy Near‐Infrared Carbon Dioxide Intensity Measurements to Support Remote Sensing, Geophys. Res. Lett., 47, e2019GL086344, doi:10.1029/2019GL086344.

Two cavity ring‐down spectrometers were employed to accurately measure line intensities in a series of near‐infrared carbon dioxide bands including (30012) ← (00001), (30013) ← (00001), and (30014) ← (00001) near 1.6 μm. Relative combined standard uncertainties for these band intensities were less than 0.1% and showed significant, percent‐level deviations with respect to many existing spectroscopic databases (although close agreement was observed with the HITRAN 2016 database in the (30013) ← (00001) and (30014) ← (00001) bands). Further, the resulting line intensities were utilized in Total Carbon Column Observing Network retrievals and led to significantly reduced biases in the (30012) ← (00001) and (30013) ← (00001) bands. These results indicate that refinements of spectroscopic databases are required to meet the accuracy targets of both ground‐ and satellite‐based remote sensing missions.

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