Empirical relationships between optical properties and equivalent diameters of...

Pandey, A., R. K. Chakrabarty, L. Liu, and M. Mishchenko (2015), Empirical relationships between optical properties and equivalent diameters of fractal soot aggregates at 550 nm wavelength, Optics Express, 23, A1354-A1362, doi:10.1364/OE.23.0A1354.

Soot aggregates (SAs)–fractal clusters of small, spherical carbonaceous monomers–modulate the incoming visible solar radiation and contribute significantly to climate forcing. Experimentalists and climate modelers typically assume a spherical morphology for SAs when computing their optical properties, causing significant errors. Here, we calculate the optical properties of freshly-generated (fractal dimension Df = 1.8) and aged (Df = 2.6) SAs at 550 nm wavelength using the numericallyexact superposition T-Matrix method. These properties were expressed as functions of equivalent aerosol diameters as measured by contemporary aerosol instruments. This work improves upon previous efforts wherein SA optical properties were computed as a function of monomer number, rendering them unusable in practical applications. Future research will address the sensitivity of variation in refractive index, fractal prefactor, and monomer overlap of SAs on the reported empirical relationships.

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