Electromagnetic scattering by fully ordered and quasi-random rigid particulate...

Mishchenko, M., J. M. Dlugach, and D. W. Mackowski (2016), Electromagnetic scattering by fully ordered and quasi-random rigid particulate samples, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 33, 2144-2149.

In this paper we have analyzed circumstances under which a rigid particulate sample can behave optically as a true discrete random medium consisting of particles randomly moving relative to each other during measurement. To this end, we applied the numerically exact superposition T -matrix method to model far-field scattering characteristics of fully ordered and quasi-randomly arranged rigid multiparticle groups in fixed and random orientations. We have shown that, in and of itself, averaging optical observables over movements of a rigid sample as a whole is insufficient unless it is combined with a quasi-random arrangement of the constituent particles in the sample. Otherwise, certain scattering effects typical of discrete random media (including some manifestations of coherent backscattering) may not be accurately replicated.

Research Program: 
Radiation Science Program (RSP)