Airborne compact rotational Raman lidar for temperature measurement

Wu, D., Z. Wang, P. Wechsler, N. Mahon, Min, Deng, B. Glover, M. Burkhart, W. Kuestner, and B. Heesen (2016), Airborne compact rotational Raman lidar for temperature measurement, Optics Express, 24, A1210, doi:10.1364/OE.24.0A1210.

We developed an airborne compact rotational Raman lidar (CRL) for use on the University of Wyoming King Air (UWKA) aircraft to obtain two-dimensional (2D) temperature distributions. It obtained fine-scale 2D temperature distributions within 3 km below the aircraft for the first time during the PECAN (Plains Elevated Convection At Night) campaign in 2015. The CRL provided nighttime temperature measurements with a random error of <0.5 K within 800 m below aircraft at 45 m vertical and 1000 m horizontal resolution. The temperatures obtained by the CRL and a radiosonde agreed. Along with water vapor and aerosol measurements, the CRL provides critical parameters on the state of the lower atmosphere for a wide range of atmospheric research.

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