On the Applicability of Laboratory Thermal Infrared Emissivity Spectra for...

Williams, D. B., and M. Ramsey (2019), On the Applicability of Laboratory Thermal Infrared Emissivity Spectra for Deconvolving Satellite Data of Opaque Volcanic Ash Plumes, Remote Sens., 11, 2318, doi:10.3390/rs11192318.

The ASTER Volcanic Ash Library (AVAL) is presented, developed using quantitative laboratory thermal infrared (TIR) emission spectroscopic methods, spanning the 2000–400 cm−1 (5–25 µm wavelength) range, including the Earth’s TIR atmospheric window (8–12 µm). Each spectral suite is unique owing to the chemical composition and proportion of glass to crystals per sample and is divided into six size fractions. AVAL, used with an appropriate spectral mixture model applied to orbital multispectral TIR data, provides a unique ability to study active volcanic ash plumes. We present the first example of this application to an ash plume produced by the Sakurajima Volcano in Japan. The emissivity variations measured in ash plumes using an ever-expanding ash spectral library will provide future quantitative inputs for both atmospheric models, where the ash composition is unknown or estimated, as well as compositional probes into ongoing eruptions.

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Earth Surface & Interior Program (ESI)