FT-IR spectra of 18O-, and 13C-enriched CO2 in the m3 region: High accuracy...

Elliott, B. M., K. Sung, and C. E. Miller (2015), FT-IR spectra of 18O-, and 13C-enriched CO2 in the m3 region: High accuracy frequency calibration and spectroscopic constants for 16 12 18 O C O, 18O12C18O, and 16O13C16O, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 312, 78-86.

In this report, we extend our Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy measurements of CO2 in the m3 region (2200–2450 cm-1, 65–75 THz) to the 18O-, and 13C-substituted isotopologues, using the JPL Bruker IFS-125HR Fourier Transform Spectrometer (JPL-FTS). High quality (S/N ~2000) spectra were obtained separately for each of the 18O-, and 13C-isotopically enriched samples. The absolute wavenumber accuracies were better than 3 × 10-6 cm-1 (~100 kHz) for strong, isolated transitions, calibrated against the highest accuracy reported CO and 16O12C16O (626) frequency measurements. The JPL-FTS performance and calibration procedure is shown to be reliable and consistent, achievable through vigorous maintenance of the optical alignment and regular monitoring of its instrumental line shape function. Effective spectroscopic constant fits of the 00011 00001 fundamental bands for 16O12C18O (628), 18 12 18

O C O (828), and 16O13C16O (636) were obtained with RMS residuals of 2.9 × 10-6 cm-1, 2.8 × 10-6 cm-1, and 2.9 × 10-6 cm-1, respectively. The observed bands encompassed 79 lines over the Jmax range of P67/R67, 47 lines over P70/R62, and 60 lines over P70/R70 for 628, 828, and 636, respectively. These results complement our recent work on the 17O-enriched isotopologues (Elliott et al., 2014), providing additional high-quality frequency measurements for atmospheric remote sensing applications.