Analysis of the spectral and angular response of the vegetated surface...

Waquet, F., J.-F. Léon, B. Cairns, P. Goloub, J.-L. Deuzé, and F. Auriol (2009), Analysis of the spectral and angular response of the vegetated surface polarization for the purpose of aerosol remote sensing over land, Appl. Opt., 48, 1228-1236.

A precise estimate of the polarization induced by the surface in reflected radiation is crucial for remote sensing applications dedicated to monitoring the atmosphere. Here we present airborne observations acquired during a field campaign in the North of France over vegetated surfaces. Polarized reflectances were measured in four spectral bands in the range between 0.67 and 2:2 μm and for scattering angles between 75° and 145°. Our results confirm that the polarization generated by the reflection of vegetated surfaces can be understood as being primarily a specular reflection process. It is not possible from our measurements to see any spectral dependence of the surface polarization in the given spectral channels. The surface polarization is well fitted by existing surface models which have two degrees of freedom that allow the magnitude and angular behavior of the surface-polarized reflectance to be adjusted.

Research Program: 
Radiation Science Program (RSP)